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Science, Technology and Innovation Management Consultant in Nigeria

Gabriel Ogunmola and Associates’ is one of the emergent Science, Technology and Innovation Management Consortia in Nigeria. The main mission of the organization is to develop science and technology leaders, science based entrepreneurs and Data Science and Information Security Professionals in the African societies promoting strong collaborations and partnerships for building Human and Infrastructural Capital for sustainable development, impacting life and to end poverty on the African continent.

Our Main Service

Consultant Chemists, Patent Examiners, Science and Technology Infrastructure Development Consultation, Science Policy Analysts, Environment and Genetic, Resource and Computer and Information Security Management Consultation.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are of good quality and perfectly structured to produce good result in any research analysis.

Our Location

We are located everywhere as an association, whose core interest is to creating solutions to scientific challenges faced in the country.

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Our Expertise

We’ve got top expertees and professionals with vast experience who have the interest of acheiving  common goals in the system, which is to enhance a better and proper healthy-living for the masses.

Pathologycam Testing

We are specialists in Pathologycam testing with over thousands of samples tested across Nigeria.

Stem Cell Testing

Through stem cells testing, we help run researches on stem cell development analysis.

Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical Reasearches are done which is also a branch of our association,  we’ve been engaged in over 100 of research analysis. we are looking foward to having a productive analysis with you. 

Why People Trust Us

We are trusted and tested association, we do not just get you a result, we also try our possible best to get you free from scientific defects.

High Quality Lab

We've got high quality laboratory for research works and analysis.

Precise Result

We give an accurate and exact result of researches made and also a proper documentation and reference for it.

Qualified Staff

We have qualified staffs who are deem fit to run scientific researches in our association.

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

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