The Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation has created a Safuran Fund hereby referred to as the fund, as a platform for scientific and cultural exchange with individuals, laboratories and organization across the globe mainly in Africa but with extensive interaction with cities in Americas, Asia and the commonwealth for the promotion of joint activities and publications reflecting a contemporary approach to enhancement of African civilization within a culture of science and human development.

The fund would promote interaction among African Societies with knowledge centres and Museums of the world in order to enhance the sociology of the science and human civilization on the African Continent.

The Fund aims at increasing scientific awareness through promotion of exchange of human and material resources between cultures at the interface of science and humanities in human development in emergent civilizations in Africa.

The Fund will initiate and support artistic, scientific and intellectual production, create platforms for creative processes and demonstration of scientific achievement through laboratory, visual and performing arts.

The Fund as a platform for intercultural exchange will work jointly with individuals and organizations mainly in Africa on activities and production reflecting a contemporary approach to themes of culture, science and development.

The activities of the Fund would include an Award of grants to support progammes of Exchange Events, Publications, Artistic Productions, Cultural Revival Response and Network partnerships. The Fund will honour initiatives of third parties and takes initiatives itself, in close cooperation with new and existing partners.

Exchange Events

With the aim of encouraging worldwide cultural and scientific engagements, the Fund would organize and support events in Africa and around the world to facilitate scientific and intercultural exchange. These events include conferences, lectures, meetings and exhibitions. The results of these exchange events will be presented to a wider, international audience in the form of articles, books and websites. These exchange events will provide a creative environment in which new approaches can be presented and new contributors can become engaged in the field of culture, science and development.

Gabriel Ogunmola Awards

An Annual Award Lecture will be presented annually by an innovative thinker in cultural and scientific organizations and laboratories in Africa. The annual award would be presented to the Public and Guests on scheduled dates in each year. The award would recognize the achievement of the recipient and support to pursue a specific programme that is already approved by the Award Committee.




The Fund will support publications of books on various cultural collaborative and scientific achievements in Africa.

Artistic Production

Innovative cultural and scientific activities and initiatives of individuals and organizations in Africa will be supported by the Fund. These creative processes would lead to science based artistic productions in the realm of theatre, music, visual arts, architecture, audio-visual comic art and creative designs science including Public laboratory demonstrations and presentations museum artifacts.

Cultural Response

The Fund would provide to a Cultural Revival Response, limited assistance to disappearing cultural objects in the event of damage to destruction and loss of cultural property arising from man-made or natural disasters and extinction.

Network Partnership

The Fund will develop an international network of individuals and organizations that are active in various cultural and scientific fields in Africa and promote exchange of information and material with the rest of the world, and will forge formal long term agreements to work together.

Professor Babatunde Ogunmola


Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation