Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship programme




Gabriel Ogunmola scholarship programme is herby established by Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation as part of its activities of philanthropy, and public support for education, science and research for improving the human condition, which is pivotal to the existence and ideals of the Foundation.


Gabriel Ogunmola undergraduate and post graduate scholarships are aimed at helping the diligent university undergraduate and post graduate students in pure and applied sciences to complete their studies by scholarships to deserving students to enable them actualize their academic goals.


It shall be awarded to the deserving undergraduate and post graduate students of Lead City University or any other University as may be decided by the Board of the scholarship programme.


The fundamental purpose of Gabriel Ogunmola scholarship programme is to build and produce Gabriel Ogunmola scholars who shall make positive impacts and contributions to the development of Nigeria and African society. It shall be award to any person provided that the beneficiaries shall use the proceeds of the scholarship for studies in Nigeria.



The scholarships would be awarded to deserving undergraduate and post graduate students on the basis of need to enable them complete their studies. The scholarship would take effect in the year 2020.  The presentation of these scholarships would be made public during the Annual Public Lecture of Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation or at any of the formal events of the Foundation.

Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation would relief scholarships to diligent students in need at the university, in order to reward excellence in their academic achievement, based on the recommendation of the Board of scholarship programme. Each recipient shall be named Gabriel Ogunmola Scholar.


Gabriel Ogunmola Scholar

Gabriel Ogunmola Scholar is a worthy and credible beneficiary of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship Programme, as approved by the Scholarship Board who has been found to be:

  • Diligent
  • Of good character
  • Of high integrity and disciplined
  • Preparing to take leadership positions in supporting the growth of African Society
  • An ambassador of Gabriel Ogunmola ideals.


Value of scholarship

The value would be determined by the Board of Trustee and shall include a certificate


Type of Scholarship

  1. Cumulative Scholarship where (Beneficiaries are entitled to the Scholarship annually throughout their undergraduate studies at Lead City University) or any other University subject to good academic performance.
  2. Relief Scholarship to meet emergency situation of any student under consideration.


Two (2) beneficiaries would be awarded annually or, as may be determined by the Scholarship Board of the Foundation and funding availability.



Beneficiaries of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship must:

  • Be a student of Lead City University or any other University as may be determined by the Scholarship Board of the Foundation.
  • Be in need
  • Be diligent
  • Have the noble qualities of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholar
  • Be in their 2nd year of studies or as may be determined by the Scholarship Board of the Foundation
  • Have a Second Class CGPA and above




Mode of Application

  1. Each applicant shall submit an application letter of two (2) pages on a prescribe format. The letter must include the Name of candidate, course and year of study, why the candidate believes that he/she should be given the award also stating his/her readiness to be a Gabriel Ogunmola Scholar.
  2. The application letter must be accompanied by:
  3. A photocopy of the candidate’s current identity card provided by the University
  4. A letter from the Candidate’s Head of Department, including current information on the candidate’s CGPA for the last academic session.

iii.        A copy of the candidate’s registration form for the academic session

  1. Two (2) current passport photographs


Mode of Submission

Documents shall be forwarded to the Chairman Board of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship Programme through the following:

  • The Registrar, Lead City University
  • Dean Faculty of Basic medical and applied sciences
  • Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship and prizes Committee Secretary and
  • As may be determined by the Board of Trustees in the call for application in any given year.


Mode of Selection

There shall be Two (2) stages of the selection process for the award of the scholarships.

  1. A written examination
  2. A Physical interview of the candidates by the Board of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship Programme
  3. In very exceptional circumstances an award may be made on the recommendation of the Registrar of Lead City University to the Chairman of the Board of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship programme. The Chairman shall report the exceptional circumstances to the Board for approval at the next available meeting of the board.


Date of Award

Scholarship shall be awarded at the Annual Gabriel Ogunmola Public Lecture or at any other event as may be determined by the Board of Trustees.


Adeline Hall Lead City University, Ibadan (or any other venue as announced by the Foundation.

BOARD of Gabriel ogunmola scholarship programme

  • Professor Gabriel Ogunmola             –           Chairman
  • Professor Mayowa Owolabi
  • Pastor Mrs Adenike Adeyemi
  • Kunle Ogunmola
  • Simbo Banjo
  • Dean Faculty of Basic Medical and applied science
  • Registrar Lead City University
  • Secretary Scholarship Programme Board



  • General management of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship Scheme
  • Review all scholarship applications
  • Conduct both written examination and physical interview of applicants as may be appropriate
  • Award Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarships to deserving students in accordance with the purpose of Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship programme from its Foundation
  • Publish the names of the beneficiaries.
  • Plan, organize, strategize and mobilize funds for Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship scheme
  • Issue annual written report of the Scholarship processes and the beneficiaries to the sponsors of the scholarships.
  • Issue annual written financial report of the scholarship programme to donors, the public and the Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation.
  • Modify scholarship criteria and other elements of the Scholarship programme when necessary in accordance with the purpose of Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation.



The founders and Trustees of Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation believe that as a nation-builder, investing in the education, science and technology in particular and intellectual development of students will be an offer to society that is too rewarding to despise.  On this basis, we have brought up this proposal to your reputable self and company for proper consideration for active support.  We seek from your good self, a dedicated committed support towards helping, as much as possible, diligent university undergraduates and post graduate students with specific needs to complete their education.



Gabriel Ogunmola Scholarship Programme has the fundamental objective of helping diligent university students in need to complete their education as a long term commitment of the Foundation for service to God and Fatherland.


The Founder, Trustees, and President of Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation believe that any contribution and support for these diligent students will give life to the above stated purpose, will contribute to the academic and intellectual development of the university, thereby grooming intellectuals for better development and repositioning of Nigeria and the African society.


Contributions and support for the Foundation shall be deeply appreciated, utilized for the stated purpose, and accounted for appropriately.


With Best Wishes.


Thank you.



Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola FAS


Gabriel Ogunmola Foundation

2nd January, 2020